Syrian regime bombards Yarmouk refugee camp

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the overnight raids targeted Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp and a small enclave south of the capital Damascus under the control of militants.
The Syrian regime forces bombarded militants in the last area outside regime control near Damascus overnight,  a war monitor said on Friday, as Bashar al Assad accelerated his push to retake remaining enclaves.
Air strikes and shelling hit the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp and Al Hajar al Aswad area, part of a small enclave divided between warring militants and other rebels south of the capital, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.
Assad is accelerating his campaign to retake the remaining enclaves as his forces encircle around Syria, which would leave rebels with only their two major strongholds in the northwest and southwest.
Western countries launched their first co-ordinated action against Assad last week (April 14) to punish him for a suspected gas attack they say killed scores of people during an advance that captured the town of Ghouta near the capital.
But the single volley of air strikes, hitting three targets far from any front line, had no effect on the wider war which has killed nearly 500,000 people and made more than half of Syrians homeless.
Source: TRT World

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