An unidentified man on Saturday attacked a Turkish mosque in Sydney, Australia.

A male attacker entered the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, which is affiliated with the Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs, and caused material damage by breaking the chandeliers, windowpanes, plasma television and some items on the upper floor.

Some citizens recorded video footage, and took photographs during the attack, and informed the police. The perpetrator has been arrested.


The former Vatican treasurer, 78, was the most senior Catholic figure ever jailed for such crimes.

In 2018, a jury found he abused two boys in Melbourne in the 1990s.

But the High Court of Australia quashed that verdict on Tuesday, bringing an immediate end to Cardinal Pell's six-year jail sentence.

The Australian cleric had maintained his innocence since he was charged by police in June 2017.

His case rocked the Catholic Church, where he had been one of the Pope'...

Dozens of koalas have been found dead or injured at a timber plantation in the Australian state of Victoria, sparking an investigation by officials.

Blue gum trees - an important koala habitat - were harvested from the plantation in December, leaving only a few isolated stands of trees.

Some koalas had starved to death in the remaining trees. Others were apparently killed by bulldozers.

About 80 surviving koalas have been removed and are being cared for.


The body count doesn't seem to come at a halt even after nearly half a billion animals lost their lives in the Australian bushfires.

The Australian authorities are planning to cull down thousands of feral camels to preserve the already scarce water sources in the Aboriginal district of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, reported New York Post.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, helicopter-borne professional snipers would try to shoot down anywhere between...

More than 10,000 camels will be shot from helicopters to prevent them from drinking too much water in drought-afflicted South Australia.

Professional shooters will begin the cull on Wednesday following an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands.

Locals have complained the animals have been entering communities and wreaking havoc as they look for any available water source, including taps and tanks.

“We have been stuck in...

Australia has controversially repealed a law which allowed sick refugees held offshore to be treated in the country.

The government's push to scrap the "medevac" law - passed by opposition MPs in February - has drawn criticism as cruel and inhumane.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued the law had presented a "national security" risk.

At least 12 people have died under Australia's offshore detention policy.

Since 2013, the nation has sent asylum seekers...

The biggest news outlets in Australia, normally fierce rivals, are uniting in support of press freedom with a campaign including blacked-out newspaper front pages and slots on prime time broadcasts.

The newspapers and networks are trying to "to highlight the constraints on media organizations under strict national security legislation," Australia's ABC network reported.

The news outlets have joined forces through a coalition known as the "Right to Know." And the joint action...

Australian authorities have launched an investigation into suspected animal cruelty after a TV report revealed the alleged mass slaughter of racehorses.

Footage of horses allegedly being mistreated at an abattoir in Queensland caused widespread anger when it was aired on broadcaster ABC on Thursday.

The slaughter of racehorses is legal in Australia, but industry rules in some states require horses to be "rehomed".

Racing is a popular and lucrative industry in the nation...

A shock Australian election result has sparked a wave of suicide attempts among refugees held in the Manus Island detention center off Papua New Guinea, activists say.

Detainee and activist Behrouz Boochani told CNN at least nine people have attempted suicide since the election results were confirmed on Saturday, with three now in hospital.

Almost 1000 refugees are currently being held in offshore centres in Papua New Guinea and the island of Nauru at the behest of Australia,...

An Australian candidate for the ruling Liberal Party was dismissed on May 1 due to his Islamophobic comments.

Australian Muslims have an ideology “demanding the killing or enslavement of non-Muslim Australian citizens,” Jeremy Hearn wrote last year in the comment section of an online magazine.

He added that Australian Muslims should be refused citizenship as they wanted to overthrow the government and bring in Sharia law, in the comments unearthed by a local daily.


The Australian government embarked on a project to cut down its massive feral cat population using poisonous sausage after the cats decimated an estimated 20-plus species.

The sausages contain a mix of chicken fat, kangaroo meat, herbs and spices along with deadly poison, The New York Times reported Thursday. Dr. Dave Algar, also known as Dr. Death, studied brands of cat food to determine what flavors were most appealing to felines. Algar, a principal research scientist in the...

An Australian senator acted in self-defence when he physically retaliated against a boy who had smashed an egg on the lawmaker's head, police have ruled.

Video of last month's clash involving Senator Fraser Anning went viral and sparked debate in Australia over who - if anyone - should face police action.

Police cautioned the 17-year-old boy, but said neither would face charges.

The incident happened after Mr Anning caused fury by blaming the New Zealand mosque attacks...

Australia will cut its cap on migration by 15 percent and issue new visas that require some skilled workers to live in regional areas, in a population plan Prime Minister Scott Morrison says is needed to alleviate pressure on big cities.

The nation’s annual migration ceiling will be reduced from 190,000 places to 160,000 -- a figure in-line with 2017-18’s 12-month intake, which was the lowest level in a decade. As many as 23,000 people will need to live and work in regional Australia...

George Pell, an Australian cardinal who was the Vatican’s chief financial officer and an adviser to Pope Francis, was sentenced to six years in prison on March 13, for molesting two boys after Sunday Mass in 1996.

The cardinal was convicted on five counts in December, making him the most senior Catholic official — and the first bishop — to be found guilty in a criminal court for sexually abusing minors, according to, which tracks cases of sexual abuse by...

Cardinal George Pell has been found guilty of sexual offences in Australia, making him the highest-ranking Catholic figure to receive such a conviction.

Pell abused two choir boys in the rooms of a Melbourne cathedral in 1996, a jury found. He had pleaded not guilty.

The verdict was handed down in December, but it could not be reported until now due to legal reasons.

Pell is due to face sentencing hearings from Wednesday. He has lodged an appeal against his conviction....