A market belonging to Muslims was set on fire in France

Muslims in France are in danger. A market belonging to Muslims was set on fire in BonEncontre, southwest of France. Police launched an investigation into the incident. According to the news of the French newspaper La Depeche, it was stated that the market in Bon-Encontre was set on fire last night and the swastika, the symbol of the Nazis, was drawn on its wall. It was learned that the entire interior of the market, which was opened in November 2021, was damaged in the fire, but no one was injured. It was reported that the police had no suspicion that it was arson and launched an investigation into the incident. Due to the incident, 3 people working in the market were also unemployed.

Rising Islamophobic attacks

In the other attack that took place in the southwestern province of Toulouse, a pig head and skin was left in front of an Islamic community centre.

Speaking to local media, Abdellatif Mellouki, a Muslim community leader, drew attention to rising Islamophobic attacks across the country.

Meanwhile, the European Collective for Struggle against Islamophobia, a non-profit advocacy group, linked the attacks with a TV programme named Zone Interdite that particularly focuses on the alleged threat of radical Islamism.


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