Attack on Turkish mosque in Austria

Unidentified people attacked the Central Mosque of the Austrian Turkish-Islamic Culture and Social Assistance Union (ATİB) in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Two unidentified people attacked the entrance floor of the central building of ATIB, which has over 60 mosque associations across the country, late at night.

Making a statement regarding the attack, Turkey’s Ambassador to Vienna, Ozan Ceyhun, stated that ATİB executives contacted the security forces and took the necessary initiatives, adding that Turkey’s Vienna Consul General Cafer Mert Özmert also visited ATIB and received information.

Demand for the arrest of attackers

Ceyhun said, “Our expectation from the Austrian authorities is to evaluate the security camera footage of the incident, to identify the masked attackers, who seem to be two people, and to bring them to justice.” he said.

ATİB President Fatih Yılmaz also stated that an attack was carried out by breaking the windows on the entrance floor of the ATİB Central Mosque and said, “According to the images obtained from the camera records, the people in question are making the sign made by the sympathizers of the terrorist organization during the attack. It is the beginning of three months. We strongly and hatefully condemn the vile attack on our central mosque, which they built by increasing our nation’s existence on this day,” he said.

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