Gerhard Weinberger: The Quran stumbling block in path to modern state

In an interview with Sputnik, Weinberger, the author of the book ”With the Quran There is No State,” said that despite its past problems with fundamentalists and many crises, Tunisia  is moving in the right direction.
In his book Gerhard Weinberger criticizes those who tend to literally follow each and every dictum they find in the Quran.
“The problem of Islam is its aggressive stance towards ‘infidels.’ The Quran teaches that he who does not believe in it shall be punished, either in this life or in the afterlife. This archaic, undemocratic and almost totalitarian attitude is the biggest stumbling block,” he said.
erhard Weinberger believes that taking the Quran as a historical document is the only way to rectify the problem because some things may still be relevant today while others may not because this is what people thought 1,000 years ago.
“I see such tendencies happening in Europe and I’m foursquare behind this,” he noted.
He also advised Europeans to show maximum respect for Muslim tendencies.
“They shouldn’t say that ‘this group is allowed to do this’. Instead, they should say that ‘this group cannot do this.’ We should draw a clear line and say that Islam is a religion that needs to be respected when people play by the rules. At the same time, we need to draw borderlines than shall not be crossed. Only then will the majority of European Muslims embrace this,” Gerhard Weinberger emphasized.
Source: Sputniknews

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