Gaza teen dies after being shot on Israel border

A Palestinian teenager died in June 27 after being hit by Israeli tank fire on the Gaza border, the besieged strip’s health ministry said.
Abdel Fattah Abu Azoum, 17, was hit in the head earlier in the day near Rafah in southern Gaza, the ministry said.
The Israeli army said he and a companion were seeking to breach the border.
The army alleged firebombs had been found at the scene. 
Palestinian medics said the other escaped with minor injuries.
On Tuesday, the Israeli air force claimed that it targeted a vehicle in Gaza that had launched “explosive balloons” and kites towards southern Israel.
In a statement released on Wednesday, the Israeli army alleged the vehicle belonged to a high-ranking Hamas commander.
Late on Tuesday, an Israeli air strike and tank fire had also targeted a vehicle belonging to a Hamas official, said the statement. Two Hamas observation posts in northern Gaza were also hit, the Israeli army said. There were no reports of casualties on the Palestinian side.
The air strike came a day after Hamas activists fired a dozen explosive projectiles towards Israel from the Gaza Strip. The projectiles, which Israeli media identified as rockets, caused no casualties or damage.
Source: Middle East Eye

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