Canadian guards beat Muslim prisoner to death

In the province of Ontario Lindsay Prisonwho died on December 15, 2016 Suleyman Fakiri An important step has been recorded in the legal struggle of his family for his family.

Investigating Fakiri’s cause of death, Ontario Forensic Institute Pathology Service Chief Dr. Michael Pollanen presented his report to the court after his examination.

Dr. In the Pollanen report; The official cause of death of Süleyman Fakiri, who died in prison while chained on the floor, with pepper spray sprayed and his face covered, was as follows:

“Muscle-skin injuries in a person with an enlarged heart and schizophrenia during a worsening prone position, restraint and struggle, convulsions, and exposure to pepper spray. Severe trauma caused by the correctional officers who hit Süleyman Fakiri, or during a fierce struggle with the correctional officers of his body. There were multiple muscle and skin injuries from hitting the ground or stationary objects.”

Two criminal investigations conducted by the local and state police after the Fakiri family filed a lawsuit following the death of their son resulted in no charges being brought against the six guards involved.

In the news on the subject in the CBC, the family’s lawyers said that the case was sent back to the Ontario Provincial Police, which means that criminal charges against 6 guards are being brought to the table again.

Suleiman Fakiri’s brother, Yusuf, told CBC, “Is there any relief at the end of the day? Yes and no. Suleiman is gone, he will not return, and a part of my family died that day. But what this report does effectively is, five years ago. “This is what needs to be done. We urge the Ontario Provincial Police to do their job. Prove to us that the system doesn’t protect vigilantes when they break the law.” said.

Süleyman Fakiri, who came to Canada from Afghanistan with his family in 1993, was diagnosed with schizophrenia after a traffic accident in his first year at the University of Waterloo and could not continue his education.

Fakiri, who was arrested by the Durham District Police in the city of Ajax on December 4, 2016, for allegedly stabbing his neighbor with a “sharp weapon”, died 11 days later in the prison where he was taken to the hospital.

The $14.3 million lawsuit filed by the Fakiri family against the Department of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the prison administration and the guards in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is still pending.

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