In France, a woman was not allowed into the restaurant because she was called “the head scarf is the outfit of the dark ages”

FranceIn the footage, which is stated to have taken place on Sunday in , and in the press, a person in the city of Hendaye in the southeast of the country wanted to take his mother to the restaurant he had booked a week in advance for Mother’s Day and have a private meal. In the footage, when the mother and son arrive at the restaurant door, the woman who owns the business says she will not let two customers into the restaurant because her mother is wearing a “dark period headscarf”. The business owner, who is stated to be a Christian because she has a cross around her neck, claims in the footage that “the headscarf is a tool to subdue women” to her Muslim customer, whom she refuses to let in.

The customer, who stated that he was shocked by the words directed at him, went to the police station and filed a complaint on the grounds that they were discriminated against. The images, which went viral on social media, garnered reactions on the grounds that Islamophobic and racist behavior was shown. With the implementation of laws targeting Muslims in France, Islamophobic and discriminatory attacks against headscarved women, Muslims, and Islamic establishments and places of worship have increased.

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