Islamophobia rising in America: 4 mosques targeted, including a terror plot in the past week

With the elections fast approaching, there is an apparent spike in incidents targeting the American Muslim community in the past week alone.
10/15/16: Waterloo, Iowa – The Masjid Al Noor mosque, in Waterloo, Iowa was found to have been vandalized on Saturday. The word “TRUMP” was spray painted on the mosque’s exterior, in large red letters. Neighbors from the local interfaith community showed up in the following days to help clean the vandalism, in an act of solidarity.
10/15/16: Bayonne, New Jersey – A mosque in the city of Bayonne was the victim of an act of vandalism on Saturday, the 15h. A 20-year-old man named Jonathan Hussey was arrested in connection with the hate-crime. The words “F*** Arabs!” “F*** Muslims!” and “Trump” were spray painted on the side of the building.
10/15/16: Garden City, Kansas – A trio of men from Garden City, Kansas were arrested for plotting a terrorist attack on Somali Muslims in Garden City, Kansas. The plot was thwarted by the FBI, after being tipped off by an informant and the girlfriend of one of the plotters. Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Eugene Stein are facing terror charges, for attempting to blow up an apartment complex and mosque in the area.
10/20/16 – Fort Smith, Arkansas – Three assailants are being sought in connection with a case of vandalism at the Masjid Al Salam, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The words “Go home,”USA” and “F*** Islam” written on the facility’s sign. The vandalism occurred early Thursday morning, and one of the suspects is described as a “white man in a baseball cap.”
One of the plotters is quoted as saying: “The only f—— way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherf***er.”

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