Israeli military forces killed a 4-month-old girl

With news reports focusing on recent deaths in Israel and Gaza, it’s valuable to enlarge the time period being examined. Israeli soldiers have been shooting Gazan men, women, and children every week for over the past year.
Israeli forces have killed approximately 290 Gazans and have injured over 29,000 since Gazans began their weekly Great March of Return protests on March 30th.  A few additional Gazans died during this time period from earlier wounds inflicted by Israeli forces.
Among those killed and maimed have been medics, women, children, and journalists. Approximately 126 Gazans have had legs and/or arms amputated, and others have been permanently paralyzed.
While Israeli governmental statements, often parroted by U.S. media, claim that Israel targets “terror,” the large majority of Gazans killed by Israeli forces have been civilians.
During the same time period, Gazan resistance fighters have killed 6 Israelis, one of them Palestinian. It is difficult to provide a number for Israelis wounded during this time since Israeli statistics for the injured include those suffering from panic attacks.
Israeli military forces killed 19 Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl named Maria. The Israeli shelling destroyed or damaged 600 Palestinian homes, businesses and livelihoods.
Source: Mintpress

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