Austrian state plans ‘Ten Commandments’ for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers in Lower Austria are to be issued with “Ten Commandments of Immigration” by regional authorities. Included in the edicts is a requirement for migrants to show gratitude to Austria.
Authorities in Lower Austria are set to issue a new code of conduct for asylum seekers to follow, according to a report on Monday.
The rules would be referred to as the “Ten Commandments of Immigration,” and would be issued to new asylum seekers as soon as they arrive in the state, the German newspaper Welt reported.
Among the requirements, migrants are required to:
Learn German;
Adhere to Austrian laws,
Adopt “Austrian values” and raise children in accordance with them;
Resolve conflicts non-violently;
Respect religious freedom;
Prevent unnecessary suffering to animals;
Show gratitude to Austria.
The rules would underpin integration courses in 15 different languages for individuals applying for asylum. Applicants would be asked to sign a written agreement to adhere to them.
Officials would issue the commandments to asylum seekers alongside their official asylum application documents, the regional minister responsible for asylum policy, Gottfried Waldhäusl, was reported as saying.
Source: IM

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