Coup Against People!Terrorism Experts says “Good guys lost” referring to the rogue soldiers trying to overthrow elected govt

A military junta opened fire on Turkish civilians in Ankara, many people were killed.
Dr Sebastian Gorka on Fox News said “the good guys lost” when asked to comment on the failed coup attempt by rogue soldiers within the Turkish army.
Gorka said: “The geostrategic importance of the coup in Turkey cannot be overemphasized. The Turkish military is the largest military in Europe belonging to NATO, it was a pivotal ally during the Cold War and under the last few years under the reign of Erdogan, it has become a fundamentalist nation run by a crypto-Muslim Brotherhood elite. Now the military has said enough is enough, we’re taking out country back.Remember the legacy of Ataturk, the founder of the secular Turkish state, was that the military was always going to be the guarantor of democracy.”

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