French MP depicts ‘terrorist act’ for strikes

In France, Jean-Pierre Pont, a member of parliament from the Republican March (LREM) movement, which was founded by President Emmanuel Macron, described the strikes against pension reform as a terrorist act.
Pont, a ruling LREM deputy, announced to the media about strikes launched against pension reform that paralyzed life.
“It is completely illegal to take France prisoners, and it is an act of terrorism,” Pont said. commented.
Strikes against pension reform have been ongoing for 34 days. Due to strikes that lasted longer than 1986, major disruptions were experienced in Paris and major cities, particularly in transport and health services and inter-city train services.
Macron and the government have said they will not give up retirement reform, while unions insist on the withdrawal of the reform.
On Thursday, demonstrations will take place in many cities in the country, particularly in Paris.
According to the latest survey, 75 percent of French people want to withdraw or change the reform.
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stated that the pension system would be unified and privileges granted to various sectors and 42 pension types would be abolished.
Philippe said the pension would be at least a thousand euros, “retirement age will remain 62, but workers will work until the age of 64 to receive full salaries. Those born before 1975 will not be affected by the new system.” expression.
RATP organizes public transport in and around Paris, including French National Railways Company (SNCF) employees, police, doctors, nurses, emergency services, health workers, students, teachers, civil servants, lawyers, agricultural workers, post office workers, transporters drivers, the French state-owned electricity generation and distribution company EDF, and automotive manufacturer Renault staff and refinery employees.
Source: National News

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