PVV calls for ban on the Koran and refugee centre closures in election plans

In Holland, the far-right PVV, led by Geert Wilders, has published a one page list of the party’s main campaign points for the March general election.
The draft election programme, with the name “The Netherlands is ours again”, contains 11 points, most of which focus on what Wilders’ calls ‘de-islamising’ the Netherlands.
The PVV wants to close all refugee centres, close all mosques and Islamic schools and introduce a ban on the Koran.
The party also wants to leave the EU, reduce the retirement age back to 65 and stop spending any money on aid, the arts, wind turbines and innovation. Spending would be increased on the police, armed forces and nursing homes.
Opinion polls forecast the PVV will emerge as the biggest after next year’s vote.

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