Statement from the Archbishop in Canada: 36 pastors sexually harassed 29 children

Canada’s Catholic Archdiocese of British Columbia, for the first time, announced the results of an in-house investigation, 36 priests since 1950 reported that 29 children have sexually abused.
The results of the investigation, which was announced to the public for the first time in Canada, were brought up in the program called The Fifth Estate, which was published in the country’s official broadcasting company, CBC.
In the study initiated by the researchers of the program recently, 60 archbishops and diocese were consulted and asked how many pastors had sexually abused in the past.
In the last part of the program, it was reported that only an investigation was conducted by the Catholic Archdiocese of British Columbia and 36 priests have been sexually abusing 29 children since 1950.
The Catholic Archdiocese of the State of British Columbia also called on survivors of victims of sexual abuse by pastors and asked them to apply.
“The tragedy of the sexual abuse of clergy is handled in a very serious and respectful way by the Catholic Bishop of Canada,” the Canadian Catholic Bishop said in a statement. was used.
Pope Francis in the Vatican last year against 2 thousand sexual harassment proceedings against the priests and the process of heavy work with the statement that the Catholic world has become the embarrassment of priests in the United States is the largest number of cases of sexual abuse. According to a 2004 survey by the US Catholic Archbishops Conference, more than 4,000 Catholic priests were accused of sexual abuse to 10,687 children during the 1950-2002 period.
Tens of thousands of child abuse cases from Chile to Australia have emerged in the Catholic world, while the Vatican has said “shame and sadness” for crimes committed.
Source: Mbs News

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