Sub-Saharan Africa: 426 children per day at risk of death from hunger following impact of covid_19

An estimated 67,000 children are at risk of dying from extreme hunger across Sub-Saharan Africa before the end of the year, Save the Children warned today, as already dire circumstances are exacerbated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.[1] New analysis from Save the Children on data taken from the Lancet indicates that an average of 426 children per day are at risk of death unless urgent action is taken.
Food insecurity has been compounded by a series of shocks this year in parts of the continent – from floods, swarms of locusts and soaring food prices to displacements. The impact of COVID-19 has added to these factors, crippling economies and destroying livelihoods, rendering food and health services unaffordable or unavailable – earlier this year it was estimated COVID-19 would drive up poverty in sub-Sahara Africa by 23 percent.
By 2030, it is predicted that an estimated 433 million people will be undernourished across Africa.
Ubah, a mother of six in Puntland, Somalia told Save the Children staff: “Life was tough for me and my family, but I worked hard and we survived. The coronavirus has made my situation even worse. Now, jobs are few and far between… Before receiving support, we were only eating once a day and that was just in the morning. I have seen my children go to sleep hungry. The worst feeling for a mother is when you fail to feed your children”.
Source: Relief

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