Posters found at Canadian uni. tell Muslim students to go back to their countries

Around 40 posters with anti-Muslim messages containing profanity were discovered on Tuesday at the University of Calgary campus located in Canada’s Alberta province. The hateful messages follow anti-Sikh posters which were posted two weeks ago on the same campus.
Calgary police and the university are collaborating to find the perpetrators through investigating security cameras and asking people to turn them in.
The faculty, staff and students convened at the campus shortly after the incident to condemn the hateful act.
University president Elizabeth Cannon told reporters that she is disturbed to see such an act and that it makes her ‘very angry,’ CBC News reported. She continued by saying that the gathering shows everyone that the University of Calgary is coming together to show that it is strong and respects one another regardless of one’s background.
Students and staff who attended the solidarity gathering left messages off support for the Muslim students.
The Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Calgary posted a message on their Facebook page condemning the incident, saying that they are ‘deeply disturbed.’

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