Mosque in Redmond, Washington vandalized

A Redmond mosque was vandalized overnight Monday night in a “clear act of hate,” according to a leader of the organization.
The president of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound — known as MAPS — Mahmood Khadeer announced Tuesday that the main granite sign in front of the mosque had been smashed.
Khadeer wrote that the mosque reported this incident and another that occurred during the weekend to local police.
The mosque, located at 17550 NE 67th Ct. near Marymoor Park, is upping its own private security immediately and will be watched by armed guards around the clock, Khadeer stated.
Scheduled programs will continue as scheduled, including a Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday for an Issaquah tent city community.
The Southern Poverty Law Center reported last week that it tracked 701 hate crimes between Election Day and Nov. 18. Though the top offense appeared to be anti-immigrant crimes, 51 anti-Muslim incidents were reported during that time.
SPLC encourages people to report hate crimes to their organization using this form.
The FBI reported a 67 percent uptick in anti-Muslim hate crimes last year from 2014 to 2015.
In announcing the vandalism, Khadeer referred to a message he sent members last week encouraging acts of service.
“Now is the time to channel all the negative energy and sentiments into something big and positive,” he wrote. “… I would like to personally challenge each and every member of our community, old and young, man and woman, to get engaged in a big way in doing something good.”
In Tuesday’s message, he reiterated the need to resist hate.
“We will not let the hate of one overshadow the love of many,” Khadeer wrote. “We will remain hopeful yet vigilant. We will not let hate intimidate us.”
Redmond Mayor John Marchione denounced the vandalism Tuesday.
“Acts like this aren’t representative of the Redmond community, and will not be tolerated,” Marchione said in a press statement. “The City works closely with MAPS leadership and our Islamic community to ensure that they and all residents feel safe in their homes, at their place of business, and where they worship.”

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