Report: Nearly $106 million in funding provided to anti-Islamic groups in the United States

In the report titled “Islamophobia in the Mainstream” published by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), financial aid to anti-Muslim groups in the country was compiled.

In the report, it was announced that 35 of the 50 biggest anti-Islamic charities and foundations examined transferred 105 million 865 thousand 763 dollars to 26 anti-Muslim groups in the 2017-2019 period.

Huzaifa Shahbaz, CAIR National Research and Advocacy Coordinator, said the report reveals that it is no secret that the anti-Islam network that spreads misinformation about Muslims and Islam in the United States is well-funded and actively operating.

“Today, the donor community must establish clear policies to prevent funds from going to hate groups,” Shahbaz said.

The names of the donating institutions and the funded groups were shared

Donors have included key figures such as Fidelity and Schwab, as well as faith-based charities such as the Jewish Community Fund and the National Christian Relief Foundation.

Information on private family foundations such as the Adelson Family Foundation, which contributes millions of dollars to support anti-Muslim activities, was also shared.

Anti-Muslim hate groups listed in the report include the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the Gatestone Institute, the Center for Security Policy, the Middle East Forum, the Middle East Media Research Institute, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Clarion Project, and the Terrorism Research Project.

Pointing out that in 2019-2020, CAIR received more than 6,000 Islamophobic complaints across the country, the report also included details on the bullying of Muslim students in schools, nearly 40 Islamophobic discourses prominent in American politics, and attacks on around 16 mosques across the country. given.

Islamophobia monitoring site launched

The Washington DC-based Muslim civil rights group announced that it has reactivated the anti-Muslim events monitoring site “”.

It was noted that the website will display the profiles of anti-Muslim organizations and individuals who spread Islamophobia and bigotry, and the website will offer services in areas such as anti-bias tools and what should be done against Islamophobia.

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