Woman sparks outrage by urinating on Koran and burning it while threatening to hunt down Muslim ‘parasites’

The unidentified woman is seen in the clip standing in front of the Slovak national flag with the Muslim holy book which she insults, urinates on and then sets alight.
The dark-haired protester made the clip in a forest in Slovakia and can be seen tearing out pages before pulling down her trousers and weeing on the book.
She then pours petrol over the pages and cover before setting it alight.
Along with the physical attack on the book, the woman also makes threats to the Muslims in “her country”.
Speaking to the camera she calls Muslims “parasites” and says: “I will hunt you all step by step. No matter if it is a woman, child or man. I will bump off anybody who will be in my way.
“I do not care about the criminal complaints. It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police – nobody will stop me.”
Police have since confirmed numerous complaints were made to them about the shocking video, and it is believed they are investigating the case.
It is reported that she has fled to Finland.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/woman-sparks-outrage-urinating-k…

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