Hundreds of thousands of people struggle with hunger in northern Nigeria

Rhoda Dia, Director of the Resistant Food Security Project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Global Environment Facility (GEF), said that Nigeria is facing acute food insecurity due to the ongoing security problems for years.

Pointing out that the increasing insecurity in the country has resulted in poverty and economic crises, Dia said that they estimate that 13 million people in the region will face the risk of acute food insecurity in the next few months if attention is not paid to the UN agency Food and Agriculture Organization.

The situation worsened with the epidemic

Dia stressed that the situation in the region has worsened due to the coronavirus outbreak and recent conflicts between shepherds and farmers.

The north of Nigeria is occasionally the scene of violent conflicts due to land disputes between the Fulani, who are engaged in animal husbandry, and some tribes that do farming.

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