‘Jungle’ residents detained by French authorities

At least 90 migrants who refused to leave the so-called “Jungle” camp in Calais, northern France, have been detained before deportation, a French NGO said on Friday.
The CIMADE organization said the 90 migrants were taken to detention centers ahead of being sent back to their countries in 45 days’ time.
Among the migrants were people from Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea and Iraq, the organization added.
According to the French Interior Ministry, almost 5,600 migrants have left the camp so far.
President Francois Hollande had pledged to demolish the camp, which became home to thousands of migrants, before the end of 2016.
Asylum-seekers who left the camp earlier this week were sent to asylum centers in France by bus after completing registration procedures.
Migrants had hoped to cross the English Channel and reach the U.K., but the British government has funded a new four-meter-high barrier at the site.
Construction began last month on the concrete wall, set to extend for a kilometer alongside the motorway to the port of Calais, where ferries carrying trucks depart day and night for the U.K.

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