In their latest move to strip minorities of their rights and provoke xenophobia in the Netherlands, the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders presented a draft bill to the Dutch parliament to strip dual citizens of their right to vote and stand for election.

Wilders also shared the draft bill from his social media account, saying “No more active and passive suffrage for people with dual nationality. No double interests, loyalty or dependency more to other countries....

The style director of the Brazilian edition of Vogue has quit after an image taken at her 50th birthday party was condemned for depicting scenes of slavery from colonial times.

A guest at the lavish party, held in Bahia, northeastern Brazil, posted a picture showing Donata Meirelles sat on an elaborate, throne-like chair, flanked by black women in traditional white dress.

Critics likened the women's clothes to the uniforms worn by house slaves, and pointed out the chair's...

Jewish settlers on Feb. 14 attacked Palestinian property in the town of Iskaka near the West Bank city of Salfit, according to eyewitnesses.

Settlers scrawled racist slogans in Hebrew on the walls of local homes and vandalized Palestinian vehicles, witnesses said.

Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank are frequently targeted by extremist Jewish settlers.

Around 650,000 Israelis currently live on more than 100 Jewish-only settlements built in the West Bank and...

Much of this is due to population growth. Switzerland’s population grew 28% over the same period. However, population growth doesn’t account for all of the increase in prison numbers. In 1988, there were 70 prisoners per 100,000. By 2017, the same figure was 17% higher at 82 per 100,000.

In 2017 there were 6,863 prisoners in Switzerland. 94% of them were men and 72% were foreign citizens.

The rate of incarceration among foreigners was more than seven times the rate of Swiss....

Portraits of a Holocaust survivor stained with swastikas. A memorial in honor of a Jewish man vandalized. A bagel shop with the German word "Juden" sprayed on its front window.

These are just a few of the hundreds of anti-Semitic acts that have been committed in France, which is home to the world's largest Jewish population outside Israel and the United States, in recent months.

According to French authorities, the total of registered anti-Semitic acts rose to 541 in 2018 from...

Racial discrimination against Africans "is endemic" in Belgium's institutions and the nation needs to apologize for the crimes committed during its colonization of Congo and make reparations, U.N. experts said Monday.

Belgium's actions in Congo have long been criticized as one of the worst examples of colonial abuse. Writer Adam Hochschild alleged in his 1998 book "King Leopold's Ghost" that Leopold reigned over the mass deaths of millions of Congolese.

"The root causes of...

An Italian singer has become the latest target of Italy’s populist government after winning the Sanremo song festival.

Italian “Morocco-pop” singer Mahmood was also questioned about his nationality after his surprise win at this year’s festival.

Alessandro Mahmoud, who performs under the name Mahmood, took first place on Saturday night with votes from a jury made up of music experts and journalists.

There were complaints of an unfair voting system, and Italy's Deputy...

Gucci has apologized and discontinued selling a sweater that social media users said resembles blackface because of its design.

In a Twitter post Wednesday, the Italian luxury brand said it "deeply apologizes for the offense caused by the wool balaclava jumper."

The top, which is no longer on the company's website, is a black turtleneck sweater that pulls up over the bottom half of the face with a cut out and oversized red lips around the mouth.

"We can confirm that the...

The husband of MEP Cécile Kyenge’s has announced his candidacy for the next municipal elections in the Italian province of Modena.

But unlike his wife, who became Italy’s first black minister under Enrico Letta’s government in 2013, Domenico Grispino has no inclination for centre-left politics.

In a radio interview, he said he was joining the far-right League party’s list, calling its members “decent people”.

The move has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum in...

Liam Neeson has insisted he is not racist following an interview in The Independent in which he spoke of roaming the streets with a cosh, wanting to kill a “black bastard” after someone close to him was raped years ago.

The 66 year-old actor said race had not played a part in his actions, claiming he would have reacted in the same way if his friend's attacker had been "a Scot or a Brit or a Lithuanian".

He also said his behaviour was a result of wanting to show "honour" after...

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam attempted on Saturday to rationalize his decision to not step down after a racist photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook page. But even after hearing Northam tell his side of the story — that it wasn’t him in the picture — prominent Democrats are still calling on him to resign.

It’s easy to see why Northam’s press conference didn’t help his cause: The event quickly devolved into a train wreck.

Northam apologized profusely for the image,...

Nine years after they were forced to flee the war in Syria, the family of a 15-year-old boy whose abuse at the hands of school bullies in the UK was captured in a viral video clip have been forced to move again.

In an interview with the Guardian, the father of the boy – who can only be referred to as Jamal – said the family left their home in Huddersfield after people who had seen the video threatened them with violence.

“We left Syria for a new future here,” he said. “We hoped...

Police in Belgium arrested a third suspect for killing a person in a shooting in the city of Antwerp, local media said on Feb. 3.

According to French-language daily Le Soir, one person died and two others were injured on Saturday when a gunman opened fire in front of a cafe on Brederode Street.

The shooting followed an argument of a father and son with two Turkish nationals. A passerby who tried to resolve the dispute was also injured.



Authorities investigating death threats sent to a prominent German-Turkish lawmaker suspect that they were written by police officers, German media reported on Wednesday.

Seda Basay-Yildiz, who represented families of victims killed by a neo-Nazi terror cell, received serious death threats in recent months, after she criticized the constant failure of the intelligence and police to resolve the murders.

Investigators who analyzed the fax messages sent to Basay-Yildiz concluded...

A group of Brazilian tourists were screamed at by a woman on the street who demanded they speak English.

A video showed the dog walker telling two men and a woman to shut up as they stood in Notting Hill, west London. She then allegedly hit one of the tourists in Tavistock Crescent before walking away, shouting: "Go on, f*** off. Speak English when you walk in this country."

The video was filmed by Natália Rossini, who was on the receiving end of the abuse. She posted the...