Blamed by his own teammate for the racist abuse aimed at him during an Italian football match, Juventus forward Moise Kean received plenty of support from rival players on Wednesday.

Kean, a 19-year-old Italian whose parents are from Ivory Coast, plays for Italy's national team and Juventus, the most popular football club in the country. He is also black.

When Kean scored a goal against Cagliari on Tuesday, he was subjected to a torrent of racist abuse from the other team's...

A Palestinian man was killed during a clash with Israeli forces in a refugee camp near Jerusalem yesterday night amid the arrest of three brothers.

Mohammed Adwan, 23, was killed by Israeli gunfire whilst two others were wounded.

Soldiers fired at close range at a Palestinian vehicle driving at al-Matar Street, killing Adwan in his car.

He was killed on the scene and his corpse was rushed by ambulance to Ramallah Medical Complex.

Locals added Israeli forces denied...

U.S. congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said a note accusing fellow freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar of "Jew hatred" was left on the door of her congressional office.  

Tlaib is one of the two first Muslim women elected to Congress, alongside Omar who has twice been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks after she began her term in January.

Tlaib posted a picture on Twitter that appeared to depict the note Tuesday.

"Rep Omar, Stop your disgusting Jew hatred. Your sign says 'Justice...

Berlin wants to sever the financial and institutional ties between local Muslim communities and the Turkish government as part of a bold campaign to help German Muslims develop a homegrown version of Islam.  “What we need now is an Islam for German Muslims that belongs to Germany,” Markus Kerber, the top civil servant in the German interior ministry, said in an interview with the Financial Times.

“That does not mean that we want to develop a new theology. It means that German Muslims...

The SonntagsBlick has published a report showing the extent to which "rightwing extremists" are publicly displaying themselves in Switzerland.

The weekly newspaper published photographs of xenophobes trumpeting their views and identities on social networks. Their tattoos leave little room for doubt about their political inclinations. Neither are the symbols, flags or slogans they wield.

Rightwing extremists are keeping anything but a low profile in Switzerland.

A member...

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday it was time to back Israeli sovereignty over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, an announcement that signals a shift in US policy and comes before the Israeli prime minister's planned visit next week to the White House.

"After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!" Trump...

Pro-Palestine students at one of the UK's top universities have said they were denied university access over security concerns during a visit by the Queen on Tuesday.

Students at King's College London said they were barred from attending classes and sitting exams because of their political activity, a claim which appears to be supported by comments made by a senior university official, who said that students were blacklisted based on CCTV footage.

Coming one day into Israeli...

The white supremacist suspected of killing 49 people at two mosques in Christchurch flashed a “white power” symbol as he appeared in court charged with murder.

Led in handcuffed, wearing a white police-issue tunic and with noticeable bruising on his upper lip, Brenton Tarrant, 28, stood in Christchurch district court as a formal charge of murder was read.

The judge, Paul Kellar, said it was “reasonable to assume” that Tarrant, a short, broad-shouldered man, would face further...

During World War II, about 200 Swedes joined Hitler's troops and fought for Nazi Germany. Those alive still receive war pensions from the German state.

In total, there are 15 recipients of the so-called "Hitler pension" in Sweden, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported.

The recipients are aged between 82 and 101 years. Six of those are Swedish citizens and three of them are widows of Nazi war veterans, who inherited the pension when their husbands passed away. Dagens Nyheter ...

German authorities are investigating suspected new Neo-nazi groups after more than 100 bomb and death threats were sent to lawyers, politicians and institutions in recent weeks, local media reported on March 13.

Daily Suddeutsche Zeitung said prosecutors concluded that there was a connection between various threatening emails recently sent to prominent public figures and institutions in different cities across Germany.

The emails, all of which used similar wording, were signed...

Political grudges and racial animosity have divided students at U.S. high schools and President Donald Trump has exacerbated the problem with his rhetoric, a study released showed.

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) surveyed 505 high school principals for the study. More than 60 percent of them reported some of their students had made derogatory remarks about immigrants.

More broadly, more than 80 percent of principals said some of their students...

A black passenger filmed a white man doing a monkey impression aimed at him on the London Underground’s Northern Line last week.

The man swung from seat to seat and approached the passenger, Mohammed Dirir, while other commuters looked on.

Dirir posted the video on Instagram with a comment that read: “Racism is still alive, to all my people of colour around the world stay strong!” The post has since been deleted.

British Transport Police were treating the incident as “...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel is "not a state of all its citizens", in a reference to the country's Palestinian Arab population, adding that all citizens, including Arabs, had equal rights.

However, in his comments on Instagram, Netanyahu referred to a deeply controversial law passed last year declaring Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people.

"Israel is not a state of all its citizens," he wrote in response to criticism from an Israeli actor, Rotem...

A memorial stone marking the site of a former synagogue destroyed by the Nazis has been vandalised in Strasbourg.

Officials said the heavy memorial stone was discovered moved from its base in the French city on Saturday morning.

Strasbourg mayor Roland Ries denounced the incident as “a new antisemitic act”.

French officials in the region said that antisemitism “undermines the values of the republic”.

The monument commemorates a synagogue built in 1898 that was set...

A major translation website was criticized on March 1 for offering up anti-Semitic, racist and sexist explanations of words. Users who typed "nicer" into Reverso looking for a French equivalent were offered the example: "Hitler was a lot nicer to the Jews than they deserved."

A search of "much nicer" produced the result "Dachau was much nicer than Auschwitz." The French-based service used by more than 45 million people a month threw up equally hateful results for the word "Jew." "...